How to be a regular?

The forum is in my bookmarks and i check daily. I am actually a regular but not officially. How to be a regular?
What is the needs of it? I want my trust level to be high at this time.

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Suddenly, it feels alot cooler to be a Regular guy. Because i am level 3/4 :sunglasses:

Suddenly a mod/leader shows up

Thank you Haxor baby aunt doll buddy dude.

that was disturbing

even if he is, so what

;-; mfw i was a regular.

well work hard and you can achieve your dreams

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Let’s make sure this guy doesn’t turn out to be an evil overlord like the others…

I just realized I’m the oldest, still active member on this forum.


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Didn’t you leave for a little bit or something?

(Patrick, Daniel, this is where you rekk congratulate him.)

but that was disturbing

no please

isn’t @CrumpDev like 15?
what about @Charlie

Don’t know if joking or not. With oldest I obviously mean the account age. Not my own age.

oi oi im 14, and ive had this account since july 29th, so im not sure.

I go on 2 days a time, but i’m a regular

I’ve been on the forums longer than you believe it or not. Well I just have to wait for my Regular to come.

To be regular you must get whipped actually be a normal kid and not the stereotypical OMG U NOOOOOOOOOOOOB haha go roleplay with your fnaf burdens


Are you sure about that?

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