How do you get the third office


I have been stuck on the second office (4 employees + founder) for several years in game, I have all 4 employees hired and have for a long time, have several million fans and make millions on every game. based on another post on this forum I even edited my save to have less than $16 million, then played the game until I was above $200 million. I’m in year 10 or 11. What do I have to do to get the next building?

How much money I need to go to the third stage in game dev tycoon

For advice on how to play please visit the Wiki.


I was also wondering this. Checked the linked wiki and I can’t find any information on this?


After looking it would appear that they have not updated the wiki as of yet. I believe the threshold is 8m in cash and some higher level employees, but I would not recommend moving until you have 16m.


For me it was after my 20th game, also around year 16 or 17


Thank you! I checked the employee hiring after reading your post, and apparently I needed to hire just 1 more employee (had 2). That immediately triggered the move option.


So, I have 24 Million and I am in the first office you get after the Garage.

Year 12, my programmers have levels 6, 6 and 4. My character has level 7.

Some people here mention awards, but I’ve never seen an award ceremony in game?

What can I do to progress? Maybe more fans?


The only award ceremony I encountered was at the end of the game, year 30. There are a few other events along the way like coding challenges etc. These aren’t selectable as a training option, but can give your guys a real nice boost.

To get to the third office you need to hire enough guys, otherwise it’s deemed pointless upgrading when you don’t need the space for the guys. It costs 8M.


But I already have 4 guys and 24 million cash. So I don’t know what the trigger is.


the “trigger” is finishing the game, at the end of year 30. There is still much to do.


Öhm, this confuses me…

So I have to do one playthrough with the 4-man office…

And then the other offices are unlocked for future playthroughs?


No, not at all. I reached the third office well before the 30th year.

It’s some combination of funds/number of employees/employee level/fanbase/decent games.

Everyone who goes up seems to have a few employees, be around years 17-20 and have a decent amount of money. I didn’t really have any trouble going up to the third office so I didn’t think to remember what my exact stats were at the time.


Then I will just wait and see what happens. Still some time to go till year 17-20.

Maybe it is related to the console-generation or some special technology you have to research.


Try more fans, high ranking games. I am not sure of the exact requirements, but there is probably some certain research that has to be done as well.


I had about 60M in cash, 500k fanbase or so and two reasonably skilled employees. Then I decided to spend a ton of money on recruiting two high skilled employees. After I filled all openings I got the upgrade offer.


I am an experienced GDT player (over 100 hours). What you need is: at least 16M any amount of fans AND to be atleast somewhere in the 13th year (i dont know when)


The next offices require a tech specialist and a design specialist


That is wrong


You must have three employees and one of them must be “technology specialist” and the second of them must be “design specialist”. Upgrade will unlock before 20th year. It costs 8 milion. :smile: :smile: :smile:


You are just let me check three years late :):joy: