How do I publish my mod using UME?

Hey, I’m pretty new to this game, and I’m still struggling to find out how to publish my mod in game, or how to use my mod in game. Whenever I try to publish my mod, I can’t seem to find the file for it in the folder I saved it in using UME. If there’s no solution for that, then is there a way I can use my mod without publishing it?

You don’t
because UME isn’t updated

Then is there anyway that I can make mods and publish them without UME?

Yes. By programming it yourself.


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Here is the official modding API that you could use to create your own mod:

I have made an expansion pack using UME…so where and how do I publish it?

@Techify_EDU-ONE, today, the best option, if you want to make a mod, is using a recent mod maker that is updated to work with current Game Dev Tycoon or code it yourself.

If you want to still upload that mod, just use a file-sharing site or the workshop and just tell people they also need UlimateLib to have the mod work with it.