How do i create Custom Hardware?

Well i reader this other post that said i could create custom hardware and i want to create some. I researched everything in R&D and in general.

Do you mean you wanna create a custom console?

No already did that now i want to create Hardware!

You can’t create custom hardware

the hardware refers to consoles and ‘hardware’ which reference a bundle to be given with the game


The custom hardware which you can develop when making an AAA game?


You can create hardware? 0.o

Like headsets, mouses/mices and keyboards. Thought it’s just 1 button, so…

it isnt create a hardware and yes create a personalized hardware FOR the AAA gmae that you will launch,thats what i understood.

Are you kidding me? You can’t create “Custom Hardware.” You can create game consoles though. Maybe that’s what the post you read meant.

There is a R&D research called Custom Hardware. Now quit bumping older posts.

It’s a 10 day old post. Not a year old post. The last one was a 4 day old post.

In fact I still have replies to YouTube comments from March in my G+ inbox.

I actually have ones from 2013 coming in as well.

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please don’t go offtopic here.

You are going off-topic saying that we are going of-topic too, you know?

Since no one has been clear. You can make custom consoles in the Hardware Development area of your studio. It is unlocked by researching it in the R&D section of your studio (which is entirely separate from the Hardware Development) and by training an employee as a Tech Specialist. However, separate from developing consoles, WHILE developing a AAA game, a project option appears in the Hardware Development area of your studio to develop “Custom Hardware” to release with your title. This is similar to creating a AAA Marketing campaign in the R&D area of your studio. Hope you all have had an amazing 7 years and I hope this helps anyone in the future. I do not know what making hardware does for your game, which is how I ended up here.

Since I bothered to make an account I figured id report what I learned here. So, it appears that creating custom hardware increases your games genre compatibility with the platforms you chose to release on. i.e. If you release an action game on the PC with custom hardware it will be +++ rather than ++ for the Genre/Platform matchup and you will sell more.