How can I activate a purchased version of the game on Steam?

Hi guys,

So a couple of years back I bought Game Dev Tycoon and I’ve recently wanted to play it again, I figured it would be easier having the proper steam version of the game ans I was wondering f it was possible to activate my current version on steam? I have it on there as a non-steam mod or shortcut at the moment but I’d like to have the proper steam version.

All replies greatly appreciated

When you purchased it, it should’ve came with a steam key.

I purchased the game way before it came out on steam though, I don’t want to have to buy it again if you get what I mean

He said he bought it ‘a couple years back’ which is before GDT went on steam.

@Jamoxify there should be an email from about your steam key. But if there isn’t, you can contact the same email with your purchase info (time, date, how you paid) I think.

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Did you get the game from FastSpring or from the Windows Store?

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You may find this article on Steam keys useful:

And as the others have said, If you purchased via our website from Fastspring then you can email and let them know you would like your order fulfilment email resent. They may need to ask you some questions to locate your account.