How can I access the beta version?


Greetings, I would like to request access to the beta version of Game Dev Tycoon for modding purposes. Is that possible, or is it not ready yet?

Trying to opt in for the beta version on Steam asks for a code.


You mean the things that have been released to iOS? These aren’t available for steam yet, you can’t get a beta for that.


The beta version is not password protected. Not sure why it would ask for a code :confused: You can read about the beta here. This currently is mostly the pirate mode. The next update which will be much more relevant to modders (topic icons, new UI etc.) will be coming around the time of the Android release.


I’ve had the same issue with prison architect, just restart steam and it should work.


Yeah, I noticed when I saw the version number 1.6, I assumed so :smiley:


Pirate mode, lets not try it, I seem to have a habit of making TERRIBLE games, I’d be bankrupt after my first game :fearful:


Alright, thank you. Will eagerly wait for news. Would the newsletter work for beta updates?


Not sure