Hobito Mod for GDT

I did a mod with Game Dev Tycoon. It says:

  • 2 engine technologies (Cloud Gaming and Adaptive Engine)
  • 2 technologies via the laboratories (like the previous ones)
  • 1 dummy console

v.1.1: Added RealGear and “RealGear Support” engine research. Added easter egg.

Both technologies require you to first search for “Hardware”, “Internet Possibility” and “Codename: Grid”.

I hope you will like it and don’t hesitate to suggest additions.


GitHub Link (French Version)
GitHub Link (English Version)


It would be great that it adds to the third engine technology. Call: Cloud Gaming Multiplatform. It would be an update of the previous one. As you started the game in the cloud on computers, and after consoles that adapted, it will be a great optimization or something for mobile phones and consoles.
It would also be good for you to add update: “Cluod Gaming Optimized” xD, for the lowest cost, etc.
What you think?


Thanks for your ideas. I will update again soon.