Help what am i doing wrong

IMO this games rating system is dumb i mean whaat the frick am i doing wrong? I am a smal company
(Named company name cus i forgot to put a name in) and for the most part i make Strategy games so i make a new engine and I put things in a way where the game will very Likely be a good game IF the rating system actually worked, i make a new game it realeases and gets 4 - 6 across the board Then people pirate it for some reason (i did not pirate the game so i dont know why this is happening). Now i have another problem with this game, should not sales grt higher overtime not smaller? I mean a game is not relevant for a week and Then no onee buys any More, the longer a product is on the market the More it sales i mean why is that not how it works in the game? Also a game is taken off the market why? No real company would do that since games usualy sell more after a month or 2 they they did in the first week and a game can be pirated and still sell like nuts, Why DID YOU Do This?