Help what am i doing wrong

IMO this games rating system is dumb i mean whaat the frick am i doing wrong? I am a smal company
(Named company name cus i forgot to put a name in) and for the most part i make Strategy games so i make a new engine and I put things in a way where the game will very Likely be a good game IF the rating system actually worked, i make a new game it realeases and gets 4 - 6 across the board Then people pirate it for some reason (i did not pirate the game so i dont know why this is happening). Now i have another problem with this game, should not sales grt higher overtime not smaller? I mean a game is not relevant for a week and Then no onee buys any More, the longer a product is on the market the More it sales i mean why is that not how it works in the game? Also a game is taken off the market why? No real company would do that since games usualy sell more after a month or 2 they they did in the first week and a game can be pirated and still sell like nuts, Why DID YOU Do This?

I have the same piracy issue as you idk what to do

Yeah, it can be frustrating at first to rely solely upon your own natural instincts when choosing what should make a game successfull. Sometimes it doesn’t get it fully right, although it does match alot of the times though. Essentially, the developers had to decide how each phase’s development allocations would affect the quality or success of a game after being released. It’s certainly not perfect, and different people have different opinions on what makes a game great and what makes it not. Some people like seeing different things, or more or less of certain things, in certain games. So Game Dev Tycoon had to decide how every phase allocation would affect every genre and topic combination possible, which is so very many. Basically, a very big key is to generate game reports for every game, and use that insight in the future games. Always have on the option to save those insights with new instances of creating a new company from scratch. The more you play, the more insight you’ll automatically see when making another game. There are mods which unlock all insights from the very beginning, but I choose not to use that kinds it’s just not as fun that way cuz then it’s just a matter of looking at a predefined list and just copying what it says to do, which takes the fun out of game development. But saving the insight between instances of new companies is a good middleground for this issue. Hope I could help with what I’ve said here. :slight_smile: