Help need recommended games :)


I love simulator and city Building games like Game dev tycoon And City Skylines. Do you guys have some recommended simulator games for me? Thank you if you could name some Recommended Simulator games :smile:




Simcity 4 is a good one for City building, for simulators I know a few

Computer Tycoon is a good one, very vague on what to do but fun once you get to know how to play it.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator are good truck driving sims, if you like that.

The Rollercoaster tycoon series and Planet Coaster, they’re pretty good Rollercoaster sims.

SWAT 4 is a great SWAT simulator that is also really fun to play, again, if you like that sort of stuff.

I personally haven’t really played it, but apparently Jalopy is good, it’s mainly about cars though.


Prison Architect,
These two are sold in STEAM.
I guess you’ll like them.


Sim Airport: Build and manage an airport
Prison Architect: Build and manage a prison
Railway Empire: this is basically a spiritual successor to Railroad Tycoon
Transport Fever: This is pretty much a new Transport Tycoon
Startup Company: It’s like GDT, but for software.
Mashinky: Another railroad tycoon like game.


Thank you for list :grin:


try Anno 2205. It allows you to use all futuristic technologies which will make you legible for capturing land and converting all that is on it with futuristic cities that are equipped with modern technology.


Do you ever think about MMORPGs? I play blade and soul and can recommend it for you. If you buy bns gold you can make pretty nice build very fast and then go pro in straight way. Blade and Soul is open world game with huge loyal community. This game is developed by Korean studio and I am sure that you will be like it. Game is considered focused abou martial arts and it is really nice maintained in anime style


Tropico 5