Happy 5th Steam Release Anniversary

Originally published at: https://www.greenheartgames.com/2018/08/31/happy-5th-steam-release-anniversary/

It’s been five whole years since Game Dev Tycoon released on Steam. Time for a brief illustrated trip through the game’s history. Back in 2011, my brother Daniel and I (we are both software developers) decided that we wanted to try to make a game. After days of brainstorming and discussions, we settled on the…


This is so crazy! I can’t believe that a whole five years ago this game was created. I’m sure everyone agrees that this is the best (and of it’s time first) simulation game specifically for Windows!

Very interesting, thank you :slight_smile:
Waiting for the news about TK!

I can’t wait to play and see more info about tavern keeper. It was really interesting too read and see all the early ideas and designs for the game.

I do believe its crazy how time has flied.

Sorry for any grammer or spelling I am using a phone.
This game filled me with a passion. Ever since I got to use my mom’s phone in 2012, I was always bored out of my mind to see games. Honestly I started to hate video games back then. Then one day in 2013, a youtube channel named Xisumavoid released a video about Game Dev Tycoon. I was blasted by emotions and I think I remebered I cried while watching that walkthrough. Ever since I posted Game Dev Tycoon on my wish list on every device I got. I prayed that some day in the future I would get that game. I think god heard me, cause a week later after I got my first laptop there was an alert on the Microsoft store. I clicked it and there it was. Game Dev Tycoon for FREE! I thought it had to be a scam or a fake virus link I didn’t know, but after hearing that a friend got it I quickly got it as well.This game has now pushed me to following a game dev job at either green heart games or Activision.

Crazy how much time has passed! Here’s to the next 5 and beyond!