Greenheart Games is hiring!


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I looked at the jobs page, but I just want to ask anyway.

Would someone with a motion graphics, video production background interest your team? I’m in the business of marketing and presenting video game content (and obviously I love your game) You can check out the video I did for this Kickstarter as an example:

If you’d rather not reply publicly, my email is

Thanks, I’m passing along the “sound design” posting to some talented friends! Happy employee hunting.

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Nice video! In the foreseeable future we will focus on kick-starting our new projects and I mean that in the sense of the word before kickstarter entered the scene :slight_smile:

For that reason we are looking for those who can help even in the very early days of the project and while video production and marketing are surely important we don’t plan on developing those new projects in the open; it will be a while before we will have a need for these skills.

Congratulations Pat and the Rest of the team! Good luck in the future! I’m excited to see what you gentlemen will present! :slight_smile:

Understood! Find those heroes you need, because I need more Greenheart games ; )

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Starting to work on my application immediately :slight_smile:

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Ditto! :green_heart:

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thanks for the interest! Great to see some applications from active forum members. Just wanted to say that we won’t be able to respond to applications until end of January so don’t be alarmed if you haven’t received a response!

When you do send out responses, are you going to respond to everyone that applied or just the people you are applying? Also it’d be awesome to see some statistics at the end of this, to see how many people applied and such! Anyway thanks.


I sent an application your way a little while ago. I hope its the craziest resume you’ve ever seen, I was kinda aiming for that. I had a lot of fun writing it! It isn’t every day you can list your Steam profile as a reference. XD

Just popping by to let you know I’m really, insanely, perhaps bordering on unhealthily, hoping to be working with you all. I love your style and can’t wait to see what you come up with next! :smile:

i wish i was old enough to go to colla

i wish i was old enough to go to college and get my degree so i could be part of your company I would be so honored to join the team that inspired me in what i’m going to do in the future i thank you for this game and for your company if only i was older but thank you so much for this game i love it
i have played it for 37 hours and i just got it 3 days ago and i have got 3 friends addicted to it lol

Wow! You’ve played quite a bit! A lot of game companies are still around from when I was a kid, so you may have your shot some day! Never hurts to have big dreams. :smile:

I myself would like to send in an application but I would be the youngest here. Along with that I can only unfortunatly write stories, along with wanting to learn graphic design and code.

When you want someone to start testing your stuff you know where to find me.

I have the same story… We are both the same age BTW

Also, I am an okay story writer, I have written 2 books (both not published, but the people who read them really liked them) and I am brilliant at lore writing/making :wink:

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Nice, Resinex​112 ! Finishing a book, published or not, is no mean feat! Just keep writing, every story you finish is another one you can learn from. I think my writing folder averaged around 80-90 pieces before I was published. Just takes time, dedication, and simply enjoying the writing and learning itself.

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Greetings to everyone!!

My application has been sent your way guys! I dedicated an afternoon to writing it and making sure it was in tip-top shape! :smiley:
I must have clocked well over 150 hours on GDT, before it came to steam! which has me currently clocked at an additional 48 hours, I’d install it onto a flash drive and play it in college too ha!

I seriously can’t wait to hear from you guys, I find myself getting quite a pumped feeling from the thought of even being considered for joining and working with the group! I love what yous have done and am greatly looking forward to what you have brewing up :smile:

Best of luck to everyone!

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(High fives Roy)

Good luck to you as well!

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