Going to buy a new laptop


Title says it all, but can someone say if this is a good choice? BTW, I don’t care about the RAM, I will buy 2 new 4GB components.
The laptop i will buy is:Laptop Asus X551CA-192D 15.6",Intel Dual Core/4GB/500GB/Intel HD/GLAN/HDMI
EDIT: I see I made a terrible choice :frowning:. Does anyone recommend me another laptop? Moneh:50 euros :smile:


Nice knowing you :cry:




Almost the same as my 2006 mac

AKA Not good


Yes, this is a real PC with case made out of cardboard and it works.


I got 40 euros from my parents
f**k yeah


$55.38 AUD?


######I once found $100 in a wallet.


Go for genuine hp laptops. And remember to buy it from its official site hp customer service only. Do not buy it from fake e-commerce sites.


Hey! I purchased new HP laptop with Windows 10 Operating System, I want to install spooler subsystem app for my Printer. But it’s not installed successfully I don’t idea about this software.