GHG clothes and merchandise


I would love to buy a T-shirt with GHG logo and a GDT picture. Is this available anywhere?


not yet but we are considering options :wink:


And a t-shirt with a comment from All Games.

we need that.


Worst T-Shirt ever. - All Games





I’d rather have one comment from all games with shading or something. But let’s just let All Games decide.


They will put there one and only 11/10 review just to show people that they are good


I’m thinking just one or two comment/review on the t-shirt because having alot is messy, does GHG have a slogan because that would be cool


Stop going on about All Games, I want a simple GHG ‘heart’ and a picture from GDT in the background.


I would be buying both for sure :smile:


1/10 Needs more all games. -All Games

Seriously though, the title is “GHG clothes and merchandise”. :wink:




fancy t-shirt. i’d buy it if i had the money.


There is still a t-shirt to do?


Something like that :smiley:

@WaveJones I dont want text on my shirt, so I dont want All Games.


But it’s a thread about greenheart games’ clothes… you didn’t actually specify it was your preference though :wink:

Also, a coffee mug with a green heart.


Who will ever want?


@PatrickKlug @iSenzo has a good design but I would put the green heart in the heart spot and have it go out from there and if you have to put in logos or something do them small and hide them some.This way people that don’t even know the game may buy the shirts for the design and you can sell them for your next games too.

Edit:What I meant is if you don’t link the way the merchandise looks too much to just one game you can keep reselling the same stuff each time you make a new game.

I brought merchandise up a long time ago when people still argued about piracy here figured it was a good way to make money off of pirates.


Thanks you @vgs.
Also created new styles for t-shirt!