Getting in the pokemon mood!

Ok, with the release of Pokemon GO i was fancying some pokemon, but i lost my ds, fortunately, emulators exist!

If i get into it, i think i might make some videos, i used to love pokemon, and have only just got the motivation to play it with a emulator (heart gold)

Has anyone got Poekmon GO btw?

The only game from the Pokemon series I played was gen.3 ruby on a GBA emulator on my phone. I had like 5 badges then my saves got deleted.

rip pokemon saves you won’t be missed 2016-2016

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My childhood:
Pokémon Pearl
New Super Mario Bros.
Kirby Mouse Attack (in USA: Squeak Squad)
Mario VS Donkey Kong 2: March of the Mini’s

Of course my favorite was:

Boy did i like those cards (i had TTDS/DSTT)

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The only game I like.

Pokemon is the only game you like? You have problems.