GDT to Real Life Years, Start and End dates in real life

So I’m trying to make a mod to include real life consoles (which I may not release), and of course everything has a release and discontinuation date IRL. Considering that platforms don’t come out at their exact dates in game as they do in real life, of course I’m going to have to play with the dates so that some of my platforms in my mod will co-inside with the release of other consoles (like the Sega-CD/Oasis-CD should come out after the Vena Oasis)

Playing a normal length 35 year game, what real life year would people say GDT starts at? In the past I thought it was 1982 or 1985 but after looking around a bit it’s possible the game starts at Janurary 1st 1980.

If the Game actually does start in 1980, then that would mean that a 35 year game should theoretically end in 2014 but not only do the Playsystem 4 and MBox One come out many years prior, but the game even has the Playsystem 5 and MBox Next as their successors before the end of the game. I’d say that the sucessors to the Playstation 4 and XBOX one irl probably wont come out until maybe 2018 (considering that the Playstation 4 and XBOX one are getting Mid-life upgrades)

Whats your guys thoughts on this?

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Well, the game is programmed kinda odd. It was programmed in 3 modes each with their own game length. Your best bet is to disable all in-game consoles. Also, while we are on the topic, when you are programming the dates, if you type in, idk, 1/1/3 (January, 3rd week, 1980) it will come out much later on the default 35 year cycle. How you can fix this without any real code is simple

Open UME
Go to create new platform
Under date, choose 35 years and then on the sliders make a combination that makes the date under the slider get set to the date you need.
Then copy the date from the sliders (not the one under the slider) and put THAT in your code.
If you need help I can send some pictures

No this is not what you should do. UME Is broken, and no longer used. UML is broken as well. People should stay away from those old mod makers for they are very dangerous and can corrupt and break game saves or the game itself.

A little extreme but basically true. UltimateSuite works for the most part; however, like @SnowyOwl said, it has corrupted saves.

I’ve tried the Ultimate suite and the stuff it makes doesnt work in game. Nothing shows up. Thats why I’ve resorted to coding by hand once again.

In my first post there I mentioned what year would the game start and end for a 35 year game (the default game length)

Also how do you disable all in game consoles? I thought that modifying the ingame consoles was against the rules. But if theres a way to disable them that would be nice because then I can make my mod a little more expansive and have my own line up of consoles.

Right now my Super Platform Addon Mod (SPAM) is more of an addon to the in game consoles so not everything is included in my mode because the game already has stuff like the Sega Master System, the Genesis, NES, etc.

Check my topic about it, its somewhere on the forum, @chizbejoe gave me a pretty good answer