***GDT TAG MOD OFFICIAL [Updated 14]***


Absolutely fantastic, it looks like you have so much potential.


Been 4 weeks now, are you planning to release the UI part soon?


We apologize for the lack of updates recently! The UI part is taking longer than expected, and on top of that I’ve had some family issues as well…

What I can say however is that we’ve gotten quite far, and that we should be able to release it within the near future!

Our aim is to get this first version out before school start (don’t take this as a definite answer), which for me is the coming Tuesday, so expect to hear more from us in the following days! :smile:


You know what they say, patience and all that. Speaking of delays, Mighty no 9 got delayed till next year…Robos World is still on track, which is also a 2D action platfromer, hint hint.

Support Robo’s World to support Tag mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=442687404

P.S. I’ll be quietly chipping in on the development for Tag mod. I’m tiring to get weekends to work on the UI.


Already voted yes :smiley:


Is the UI part ready??? Been almost 20 days. No new news???


On my end, Robo’s World launch is coming up fast so I will be super busy with that.


I didnt even knew this mod was in devolpment! What did i miss?!


Some things :smile:




Oh okay. Good luck with Robo World. I hope its a successful game!


I voted yes on Greenlight :wink: It looks like a cool game :smiley:


Thanks, There are a lot of things still missing on the greenlight page tho. The coming weeks we will be adding in all the details.


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