***GDT TAG MOD OFFICIAL [Updated 14]***


I hope that you will one day finnish this project, this looks so good! Cant wait to play with it!


One day…Don’t know when that will be tho. Currently really busy trying to get my game Robo’s World: The Zarnok Fortress Greenlit.

in case anyone is interested: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=442687404


Use itch.io or something, Steam is for desperate indie developers who want to pay absurd fee’s.


we already on itch.io



Might get it (if I’ll get the monies) :smiley:
Will we get a Steam key if it’s gonna get greenlit?


You can also try out the demo before u decide http://robosworld.com/ ,scroll down to demo and pick your system, If you like what you see, vote for us.


Just so you know, Still patiently waiting for this! The design is superb and overall it’s amazing - You made a pretty nice job with the interface, and I hope these designs makes to the final mod.


Well, I can say its being worked on. chizbejoe is helping me out with the mod, as I have a game of my own to finish development on right now.


good luck to you.
can’t wait for both.


Dude, you’ve got me speechless. THIS looks INSANELY AWESOME.


Thanks. We hope to have it available at some point.


A suggestion would be to seperate the UI/graphical changes with the rest of the mod. I honestly don’t care about the actual mod because I normally don’t play with mods apart from CheatMod to test my own! :stuck_out_tongue: But the graphical changes looks killer good and I really hope you add a graphical changes-only download. :slight_smile:


It’s pretty much what we are starting with. :smiley:


Sounds good to me. :smile:

Also, welcome back man! Every one went a little crazy when you left. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Even if I did it was because of HuniePop


@walcor Hey, when you think it will be released?


Probably when Half-Life 3 will :cry:


Well, I can say that development has started, finally! As for dates, not sure, but we will be rolling it out in steps. First the new UI, then some new graphics and functions…and onward. The ball is finally rolling.


Am working as hard as I can to be able to deliver this quickly! Hopefully, the UI part will be available in 2-3 weeks (I’m going on vaccation this Sunday (5th) and will not be able to work during that time. My ETA counts this in) :smile:

EDIT: I’m the scripting guy :smiley:


I can’t describe how hyped I am, haha! This mod will definitely give a boost to the game!

And by the way, I have some intermediate skills with html and css and very basic skills with javascript, in case you need some extra help, just tell me and I’ll be happy to help… Even for alpha or beta testing =P