***GDT TAG MOD OFFICIAL [Updated 14]***


Amazing! I want to get it.


Also, is there a link to the download?


@awesomejuan36912 Please read the thread, this mod is not finished yet


OK I think that this mode is more hyped than The Last Guardian


so what you are saying is not hyped at all, cuz I had to google “The Last Guardian” :slight_smile:


The Last Guardian is hyped for lovers of Team Ico’s job that is just:Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus, and this mod is hyped for the players of GDT that included with the “drm-free” version are a lot.(sorry for bad english)


-Develop multiple games at the same time

that sound awesome


Is supporting all languages in GDT? (Sorry for bad english :smiley: :smiley: )


Please make it free!


Please finnish it!


It must be.

If Gaben won’t make mods paid at least.


Well that’s an interesting concern…it’s a mod, so its free…do I have time to work on it, currently no. Have to finish my own game first.


#The graphics. This is the single meaning of life.

All hail our lord and savior,


I certainly appreciate the enthusiasm…


Enthusiasm? Enthusiasm? This is not enthusiasm, this is the rightful worship of our king and lord!



You’re developing a game?
Didn’t know that


Indeed I am. It’s called Robo’s World (2d action platformer) and the demo will most likely be available at the end of this week on steam greenlight.

You can check out the progress on my twitter @originalwalcor


If you like shiny 2d graphics you can check out my game that I’m working on with some colleagues. Robo’s World, we are releasing a demo soon on steam greenlight.

There will be upstates on this on my twitter @originalwalcor


I can’t be the only one to find constantly updating MMOs to be a pain in the ass, if you could implement a system where MMO updates aren’t a full game that’d be great


Just letting you guys know that this mod is not dead. Stay tuned!