GDT mods I should get?

Hey I am getting kind of bored with the current mods I have on so what mods should I get? They have to be compatible with the following mods:
Camelot Expansion
Expansion Pack Mod (@dzjengiskhan)
Remastered Edition Mod (Basically Adds A second Sequel Button that says Develop Remastered Edition)
Thanks in advance!


I hope that was a troll, cause he listed that as a mod he was already using. :stuck_out_tongue:

Election Time. [WIP] Election Time

nah duh

Is it in workshop only because I don’t have steam version?

Not sure.

Just go to the Official Community Mod List. It lists (most of) the best mods for GDT.


Thank your for recommending my mod @chizbejoe! It means a lot! Anyway, I’m rewriting it from scratch right now so its probably not a good idea to use the old version - its kind of buggy.

I’d highly recommend @Mabb’s Finance mod and hit games change market share. I would’ve recommended my own mods too, but that’d just be shameful advertisement :smile:

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