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Why? I did some QUALITY but LOW QUANTITY mod. Everyone wants that! (nobody wants 100 platforms! right?)
I do mods that add only one platform (sometimes with a small extra) but with a quality work!
Here it is:


Subscribed. You know why? Because you deserve it.

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Thanks man!

Thank YOU

My reactions when this happened:




If anyone was waiting for a new mod then I just uploaded a new one! (The GrMac Mod) (BTW 700th post)

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NEW MOD. MUST CHECK OUT. (be a little more descriptive error)


I don’t really like, and use, mods whs add only one “thing”. They are pretty pointless for me…

The good thing about these “1 thing, great quality” is that you can disable it as you want

For example Khans EPM has GrMac, what if you want to use drandroid but without grmac because grmac is already in Khans EPM… Here, the solution kicks in! yo!

I don’t. lol
I like solution like @snowyterrorgami(ng) did, one mod for topics, events, platforms etc.

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Yes I see what you are trying to achieve with this mod, however if your saying that they are high quality why not just put them three single platforms into one mod. (This is not a question to answer me its for you to ask yourself)

Please take this poll

Dude I subbed every single one of your mods

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i did it without even knowing it was u

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Most of you guys wanted a windows phone
so it just happened

I was working on this in the background as a practice so I thought why not upload it?

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The steam link doesnt work?

Thank you dude! Tell me only why the link does not open? Shows only “There was a problem accessing this item. Please try again.” Have you already deleted it?

I think everyone wants that!