Games that are like Game Dev Tycoon?

Can you tell me about games that are like Game Dev Tycoon? I’m actually pretty interested in finding them…

inb4 Game Dev Story

I know there’s 2 flash games that are like game dev tycoon. Forgot the names of them but one is pretty simple/easy and the other is more challenging as you not only have to train your guys but have to research stuff like php c++ and other coding languages before you can get really good games out.

There’s also a phone app that’s like it.

Gamebiz, Game Tycoon…

@SnowyOwl - That first link you posted contained so many malicious installers that no one would have thanked you. Please be more careful what you link too. That particular website’s sole purpose is to have unsuspecting users download a ‘free’ game in order to install crapware, malware etc.


What was it even a link to? The profile doesn’t look like a spammer’s profile, so he probably had good intentions with the link…

A new game:
Mad Games Tycoon

Some old Games:
Software Tycoon & Game Tycoon

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It was a link to a site where you can ‘‘pirate’’ games. The site was full of things you don’t want, like installing malicious software/viruses. He posted it with good intentions but didn’t bother to check the link himself before he actually posted it and thus posted a link to a site like that.

This game looks nice.
It has way more micro-management tho.

You… Yes… You… The one who is reading this post
I’m just telling the truth of another game (And I hate saying this but…)
But no one mentioned (As far as I can see)

We all know that game is a cheap knock off of game dev tycoon, all they did was slap on more features and tried to redesign the graphics so it doesn’t look the same.

Hey, Mad Games Tycoon actually looks like it’d be good!

Also, Game Tycoon is one of the most awful things ever.

Software Tycoon doesn’t really look that interesting from the screenshots, but thank you for the suggestions!

Well, by those standards isn’t Game Dev Tycoon just a cheap knockoff of Game Dev Story? A lot of games just evolve previously made games, some improve them, some don’t. Game Dev Tycoon made some nice improvements to Game Dev story, so I think it’s fair to give all "cheap knock off"s a chance.

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Wow, Mad Games Tycoon looks really cool! Looks like when it comes out, if I get it, I will be addicted to it JUST like I was for GDT (and I had the Windows Store version of GDT, Steam version is even better)!

Wonder how long it’ll be until people start making mods for it once it’s released.

But as @LineLiar said…
every game looks similar to other if they are in same genre.

@InvisibleM9 Yeah I though the same thing when I saw it. Lol!

Software Inc!

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Close enough.

Software inc. on steam as early access is a cool game. It is a little more complex than game Dec tycoon though. It is a 3D game and it’s art style is real cool.

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