Game to create movies


Green heart games, I loved the game dev tycoon, but it has several similarities with other game development games, so I thought. Why do not you make one to create movies? It would be innovative and would surprise your fans, I hope you read this


They already have their second game in the works, ‘Tavern Keeper’, but your idea isn’t bad and has been requested many times before.


By the way there is a movie tycoon called “The Movies” its an old game but it can create custom movies for your desire


The game is not that old. 2005 games were really good!


I love your idea! Creating it with the same GDT art style would be just the right thing for it. But I guess Greenheart Games is moving to the 3D gaming universe. ‘Tavern Keeper’ is made in 3D.


With option to make shows with lower but longer revenue…


Yeah. That’s a good idea!


Kinda old.


Please, tell me what’s old about it.


Only graphics. Sorry.
But the rest were pretty good. It fits of a proper simulation genre game


yes its awesome game…love it