Game source code


Hello there. I’m currently working on a mod, or better say, remaking it, and I tryed to reach you for source code. I haven’t got a response after a month of wait, so I’m asking here directly



Modding info is available at github:


Thanks, but I need a way to disable all in-game consoles, or atleast change their properties.


Look through the source code. There are ways to overwrite and rewrite code. In my own thoughts i don’t think disabling in-game consoles will be easy. Changing there properties is doable.I have the source code but I do not want to look through it to find what you need.

May I ask what mod your… remaking?


Platforms.allPlatforms = [];

That will erase all platforms.

You can add platforms with GDT.addPlatform.


Realistic platforms mod, but its kinda hard because in-game consoles don’t have the same system I have


So, after this I will only be left with notifications?


Well, specifically what do you mean by “notifications”? Are you referring to the platform notifications or just notifications as a whole?

What exactly are you trying to do?


Im pretty sure in this mod Realistic Platoforms he is completely changing each platform that is currently in the game to a more realisitc version.

That would be my guess.


Gotcha, @SnowyOwl.

Media.allScheduledStories is an array for the platform events.
Platforms.allPlatforms is an array for the actual platforms used when making a game.

// These are the arrays
Media.allScheduledStories = []; // Erases all industry platforms news
Platforms.allPlatforms = [];  // Erases all platforms used in game making

You can always use GDT.addEvent and/or GDT.addPlatform to add your version of the platforms.


Thank you, that is just what I needed. Hopefully I can continue my development


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