Game keeps crashing!


Hi! I have some mods installed, and some times suddenly the game crashs. Could someone help me pls?!

this is the Error Alert:
value cannot be NaN

Enabled Mods:

  • Game Dev Tycoon Mod API by
  • Finance mod 2.0 by Mabb
  • DLC Mod by austenke
  • Insta Review by |Ds|
  • Staff Gain Experience From Games by William Hunt
  • CompetitorMod by kristof1104 and DzjengisKhan
  • Learn By Doing by Boom Blockhead
  • instaMod by Adrien Verhulst, |Ds|
  • Contractor Mod by austenke
  • Percentager - Feature Focus Percentages by Chad Keating
  • UltimateLib by Francesco Abbattista and Chad Keating
  • Custom Computer by unlucky4ever
  • The Topic Expansion Mod. by Hungry Spartan
  • GDT Expansion Pack by Linshi
  • Xtra Topics by Death the Kid
  • Increased Topic Visibility - Traduzido by Boom Blockhead - Traduzido por Acegh4
  • Hit games changes market share by Mabb
  • Expansion Pack Mod by DzjengisKhan
  • The RPT Expansion Pack by Zyperspace

Game Version: 1.6.15

and this is the debug
[0507/] Settings version is not 1
[0508/] Settings version is not 1