[GAME IDEA] Online shopping seller

In online shopping seller: you start off by selling products on online shopping website with a wide variety of products to sell and gain money!

You start off by:
Selecting where you live
Having $1,000s
Select a website to sell your product (websites vary depending where you live)

You start of at ibay.com (for example) and choose to sell: phones, computers, fashion clothes, electronics like TV and monitors, small gadgets, useful households, and much more!

Choose the price:

  • Put a price: steep prices will take a long time to sell, while low prices will take short time but not gaining much money

  • Place discounts if nobody is buying your item or just boost your sales

Be famous:

  • Being famous is the number 1 thing that makes you sell a lot and gain money

Other notes:

  • Play it on iOS or android
  • Not sending your item to the delivery truck daily lowers your quality

Reminds me of Market Tycoon, but thats cool idea!

It’s a good idea of course!, you could include a multiplayer, for that of be famous, won’t be great a fight of Markets? :smiley:

PS; Didn’t knew about Market Tycoon, it’s a good game?

It’s not done, @Rex0099 is developing it.

I want to see it, you hyped me a little xD

Oh wow. ibey.com is a real thing.