Game development and you - an important issue

TL;DR - old member of forums wants you guys to stop using this as a platform to recruit people to help make your new game that won’t be created, this place should be a place to discuss media/video games/computer stuff/GHG in general, not a video game development forum. at bottom of post there is a link of places you can discuss video game development.

Hello, old member here - registered back in September of '13. Now, I’ve witnessed a lot of changes over the course of this forum - I’ve seen it mature, I’ve seen the life be breathed (brothe? no… not brothe.) into the forums since the release of GDT and then I saw it slowly die back down.

Over the time of this forum, I have seen many posts about developing video games. And, while I think this is an amazing accomplishment that you should be proud of, I do not think that it should belong on these forums. Now, this is a personal opinion, and I don’t know if this is strict law of moderation, but as far as I am aware, these are the greenheart games forums - not another game development companies’ forums. I do admit that once i was part of the issue, but me and my band of merry men created our own domain at and then eventually ceased to exist because we were lazy and got no work done.

Anyways, moral of the story is, I don’t think that you guys should be requesting advice from game developers here. I don’t think that this should be the place for you to find people to develop your games, or to look for advice concerning the development of your games – this is the place to discuss GDT, Game #2, or Greenheart Games and anything you might find interesting, including but not limited to gaming, movies, tv series, media, etc. but above all else I don’t think this is a place for you to advertise your newest creation to everyone.

I don’t know if @PatrickKlug minds as these forums but if he does mind, I have compiled a list of places for you guys to discuss video game development and possibly find people willing to assist you on your quest to create a game.

Cheers, best of luck with your game development.



He tries too hard to win the conversation or he doesn’t understand English.

I don’t mind discussions surrounding game development and I’d welcome a healthy community around those topics but what we see largely at the moment is close to ‘game dev role playing’ where it’s not about actually creating a game but about pretending to create one. Role-playing is not a great fit for this forum (as we found out previously) and this applies to game dev role playing too.


I’m all for discussions surrounding game development but my main point is that I think it’s detracting from what should be the main topic of these forums: greenheart games and the video games that they create. Which is why I linked to the forums where it would be more of an appropriate place to discuss/recruit for game development.

I think that when you mentioned that what we’re seeing at the moment is largely closer to ‘game dev roleplaying’ instead of actual game development, you are 100% correct. If you believe that general game development is OK on this forum, so be it, but I think you should take steps to flesh out the posts that aren’t really game development.


Yes , You said right things that the game development is the moto of the forum .Where you can relate the game development issue and other issue .