Game Developer wanting to make a tycoon game like this one


just had a few questions i was hoping the devs would answer like what engine there using what language the game is coded in and if they used game maker studio or something else or if they coded it all by hand


I think they use a custom made game engine and they hold the IP in their hand. It was coded using NodeJS and JavaScript. I don’t have much info though, maybe NodeJS and JavaScript is the same thing. They are an indie game company but they aim for much. I hope they answer soon.


Javascript was used primarily for executing code client-side, and NodeJS provides developers with ‘the good stuff’ for executing JavaScript code server-side. They weren’t building their game on a pre-built engine like Game Maker Studio.

JavaScript is the language GHG coded in and NodeJS was their event-driven networking tool.

The full list of their ‘third-party’ components is in their credits: