Game Dev Tycoon Video (Abridged and Funny)


I made A short and Funny video of my playthrough of Game Dev Tycoon. Highly edited and full humor.

Watch Here GameDev Tycoon Video


Not that bad. Keep making vids :thumbsup:


thank you =)


Like or Doctor Smiles will eat you. Seriously though, this was fun to watch, good content. :slight_smile:


Thank you, I plan on doing a follow up video down the road. Be sure to check back sometime in the near future for part 2. or you can subscribe to the channel and be notified of future content =)


I subscribed.


thank you so much.really glad you enjoyed the video.


I plan on doing a part two to this video. does anyone have any messed up game ideas for me to do?


Game i suggest you should make.
Dr Smiles:Rival Trouble Sequel To Dr Smiles:Gonna make you a lady
Rivals Name: Dr Angry Or Dr Sad [Just incase you ran out of names]


Oh, I never run out of ideas, but I love community involvement. it takes me awhile because I do a lot of editing and I have other games in my backlog but when I get the time I’m gonna do a squeal. hopefully, by then, we should have a decent list of games from the community.

credit will be given for each one of course. also, i would like to note. that my editing skills have greatly improved since making the first Game Dev Tycoon video. On the next one I plan to go ham and make this game really look good.


probably Doctor Frownie