Game Dev Tycoon updates i had in mind for you to add!

Hey GreenHearts! I Am Very Likely to visit you if i can i love your game SO SO SO Much! Every next step of it i like! i wanted to share with you some of the ideas i had in mind for you guys to look at and add to game if you like!

  1. Add Game Comments
  2. Add Making The Case for the game!
  3. Console Making on the first step on going to the next office once you have 1 million dollers
  4. Adding The Owners Name Of The Game of the case they make!

Thanks so much if you read this its my favorite thing for you to add once i have more in mind ill gladly have more idea’s! Soon! Thanks!

I honestly don’t have a clue what you mean by ANY of the suggestions, could you please reword it to be more understandable?

Actually I do get the third suggestion, making consoles at the first actual office? You have 1 million, not 50 million

K Thanks ill fix it right away!

Thanks for the suggestions. We don’t plan on adding any major new content to the game but a lot of these suggestions are discussion points for a sequel. We’d certainly love to allow the player to express themselves even more.