Game Dev Tycoon Update?


I was just wondering if there is a upcoming update for game dev tycoon.I want new offices and new
consoles to make and it will be good if we can make like phones laptops except consoles like in game AI makes.I love this game as it is best of all games.i have never played such game and i was looking for it.hope i will not be disappointed :slight_smile:

well it is about 23h and i donot get cannot get any information:(:disappointed_relieved:


Currently an update is being worked on and available for beta on Steam.

  • New: Added 15 new topics.
  • New: Nicer topic and genre picker with all new topic and genre icons.
  • New: Added icons to context menu.
  • New: New message sidebar where messages can appear without interrupting gameplay.
  • New: New ‘Messages’ settings allow you to set which in-game messages should auto-popup and which should open in the new sidebar.
  • New: Character can now be randomized when starting a company.
  • New: Settings, achievements and highscore panels are now draggable.
  • New: super-difficult ‘pirate’ game mode including new piracy, DRM and company ownership game mechanics.
  • New: Added Ninvento Swap console and 100% more mentioning of denatonium benzoate in the game.
  • New: Added new modern PC image.
  • New: UI panels have now a kinetic drag behaviour.
  • New: Modders can now make use of greensocks GSAP animation library:
  • New (modding): Mods can now add their own settings panel via GDT.addSettingsTab(title,jqueryContent);
  • New (modding): Custom topics can now specify a iconUrl to show a custom icon (otherwise generic fallback is used).
  • Improved: Combobox in new game window is now larger.
  • Improved: The default character when starting a new company is now randomized.
  • Improved: Removed UI selection outline from slider handle.
  • Improved: Added visual clue when there are not enough research points to start a research project.
  • Improved: Small story window is now slightly wider.
  • Fixed: When stories picked team members, often the first staff got picked.
  • Fixed: Sometimes a “Mismatched anonymous define() module error” would appear on startup.
  • Fixed: The splashscreen is no longer draggable.
  • Fixed: It was possible to have a game that never went off the market if a company had lost all fans and then released another bad game.

If you want to give this version a try:

  1. Right-click on the game in your library.
  2. Click on Properties and then Betas.
  3. Select ‘Beta’ from the dropdown list.
  4. Restart your Steam client (in case it doesn’t update).



Many of these are included in versions on android like randomizing and pirate mode,etc
i want to know about android update

but thank you for your reply:slight_smile:


All of this is already in the Android and iOS version, this update is only porting over the new features