Game Dev Tycoon - Now Available on iPhone and iPad

Discussion for our announcement here:


When the update for PC will come out?

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FYI, I am unable to download. The game does not appear when searching by name and following your app store button link gives “The item you’ve requested is not currently available in the U.S. store.” iPhone 7+, IOS 10.3.3

Are there any plans for a Nintendo Switch port?

I have no idea, unfortunately. Apple says it can take 24 hours for it to become available everywhere but we have no insights why it doesn’t show up in search or why that link wouldn’t work. It’s the only link that’s available to us…

Can you try again and let me know?

The links work now. Guess it took a while to get to the US App Store. I was able to buy and download it this morning. Thanks for bringing this to more platforms, and keep up the good work!

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what about Android?

I had problems finding it to, but once I did I quickly bought my copy, happiest purchase i’ve ever made. All though the game is killing me xD, its so hard compared to the desktop version i feel.

Yes I feel the same way, I have one save with 20M and 4 workers that seems to go fine. But all the others tries I made, all gone bankrupt. It’s so hard to make money once you move on from the garage.

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Android version arrives in January.

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The final update will be after the Android release but we plan to put a Beta on Steam in the next weeks.

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i cant wait till january. But keep it up. How much are the sales of the ios now?? Total Sales…

If I buy the game on my iPhone, will I have to pay to download it on iPad ? or is it cross-buy ?

thank’s for this game btw, so much hours spent with my lad on it

I wish I had an iDevice

You buy it on your iTunes account, so it syncs of course, I don’t think the saves sync though.

It’s locked to your iTunes account and should be available on both iPhone and iPad. We also support save synching via iCloud.

Thats awesome, will you guys do that for Google Play too?