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SuddenlyNinja reviews Game Dev Tycoon: Horrible Sports Simulators
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Game Dev Tycoon video series w/ MrBobJamesBob! Tutorials!
Game Dev Tycoon video series w/ MrBobJamesBob! Tutorials!

Community, I present to you the very first episode of my series on indie games: Indie Beginning!

This week we’ll be taking a look at Game Dev Tycoon, a game most people will be familiar with by now but that has kept me busy over the past few weeks. I you like the concept and idea of a series featuring indie games let me know in the comments!

Indie Beginning: Game Dev Tycoon


Hello my fellow game developers! I see that I have got your attention, and would like to introduce you to my lets play. I’ve never played Game Dev before and would be very grateful if people could watch it and give feedback on how to advance past the level of scrub! Here it is!


Hey, i have recently started a YouTube gaming commentary channel and have done a couple of videos on game dev tycoon. If you guys could check it out and let me know what you think that would be awesome! :smiley:


I have already got 3 vids of this awesome game!

Please watch 'em (and sub me?)


How did you guys record your footage? Somehow Dxtory won’t recognize the game…
Nice video’s you made btw :smiley:


Please see this post from Evogamer


Oh wonderful, a relevant thread.

Latest video:

The channel:


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#10 We just started on youtube, we are currently doing a playthrough of Game Dev Tycoon, Spend some time on our channel, we are uploading daily. :wink: Here is the channel


Hey guys, I’m in the process of a lets play, I’m about 5 episodes in.
I really love the game and would defiantly recommend it to anyone. It’s defiantly worth the £6!

Here’s the first episode of my series


Hello! I suppose I’ll post mine. I have only one episode up, but I should have my second one up today. I hope you guys like it, I am having a ton of fun.

enter link description here


Hi, i am a new youtuber. I decided to start my channel with this game. All my videos are 720p and without any black edges. I have recorded and uploaded 3 episodes so far. Currently i do about one episode every 2-3 days, but as my channel grows i will post more ofen.
Here is episode 1:
enter link description here


Good day, I also have a channel, but most of the recording software I use does not display the upper right hand corner of Game Dev Tycoon. I have tried the following recorders. FRAPS, OBS, Hypercam 2, Gamebooster’s Screencast(this one does not work at all), VLC.
I have also tried all of these in both fullscreen and windowed mode, and Fraps only records everything when I resize the game video to a resolution of 1296x908, which is of course not what I really want. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


I’m starting a new video series about this awesome game!

Thanks in advance for watching this! Please give me feedback, even just leave hate if you have reasons to, any feedback is awesome!
Thanks :D!


Hey, my friends and I have recently started a YouTube gaming channel and have done a couple of videos on game dev tycoon. If you guys could check it out and let me know what you think that would be awesome! :smiley:

The Channel:

Please subscribe to the Channel:


I’ve just started my channel and would like some views and subs, please check out


Hello, I have a Game Dev Tycoon series but not many people are watching… could you please check it out?



First Video:



Hi, I have started a Game Dev Tycoon Let’s Play with the inclusion of mods, it isn’t getting a lot of coverage and would love anybody to check it out :smile:

My Channel:

The First Episode:

Thank You for your time :smile:


Hey guys!

Saw this on the steam sale and a few of my subscribers recommended this game to me. They gave me a few quick pointers and let me at it xD

So I know the game’s been out for a while but I thought it was never to late to pick it up :slight_smile:
I’ve been completely addicted to it so I’m kinda sad I didn’t grab it earlier :3
Anyways hope you guys enjoy it and please leave some tips if you have any albeit it is fun to flounder around until you hit the right combo for a 10.

Thanks for watching guys!