Game dev tycoon inspired game


I want to start a new project, a GDT inspired game. Now I’m looking for someone who can do the programming.
Im going to attend the Game Dev school (starting in september), and I want to create this game as a showreel of what I’m capable of.

Is there someone willing to start a project like this whit me? I will do the art, sounds, and music (unless someone is willing to be our music engineer) (and the marketing and promotion offcourse).

Best Regards

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I don’t want to discourage you, your project sounds awesome. But if you really want to show the Game Dev school what you’re capable of, you have to (at least) understand the code. If you order a pizza, you want to know what’s on it right? I assume you also want to know what kind of code your game is made of.

I’m not criticizing you, but keep this as a reminder because it will be useful later on :wink:

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Hey man,

aangezien ik door je achternaam ervan uit ga dat je nederlands bent ;). Ik ga de studie tot game artist volgen, waar we dus niet of nauwelijks programmeren krijgen, vandaar dat ik (om mijn portfolio uit te breiden) dit project wil doen.

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Oh, ik snap het. Succes met je opleiding :wink:



Who is Aswin?

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Haha yeah I’m back, but keep in mind that I have actually released 3 games as we speak :wink:

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Well…Back in the days when this forum was really crowded (Not with this account) I was one of the famous people around here…for positive and negative reasons…

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Hello guys a litte update from me:

After having a little contact with a few programmers I decided to collaborate with @Jediwolf, the game will be develop in the Clickfusion 2.5 engine, and will be a flat surface 2D game.
Currently we are busy with setting up the splashscreen, and setting up the title menu.

Screens will come once there is showable progress!

So that’s why JediWolf uses Clickteam Fusion 2.5 almost 24/7 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Haha, it explains a lot indeed :wink:


Right now there aren’t any links to be had, but we’ll be looking for testers and such when and if this comes to fruition. Just keep an eye out for it :wink:

I mean for the 3 games @GamePro075 is developing or has developed (the mixture of verb tenses is throwing me off).

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Ah, okay