Game dev tycoon discounts


Hi, i love your game!I bought it on steam for me and my roommate but now i would like to buy another copy for another friend of mine, so can i ask if you’re planning any discount (maybe later on this year) on this wonderful game?


Wait for the steam sales my friend



discount sale of GDT!! :smiley:


If you’re still interested…

@PatrickKlug: I really love the DeLorean, but don’t you think in the sales you should show a picture with the entire team (e.g. the 3rd office)? It would give more the idea of “managing” IMHO.


The banner design didn’t come from us this time round. Seems Valve wanted to switch things up a bit :wink:


that’s the proof that god exists, it can’t be a coincidence!! xD

jokes apart =) thank you!


damn I would even drink a coca-cola to get the game discounted now, wanna get it with a friend and play some workshop multiplayer and bang quality games for the world haha, cant wait for some sale of the Game Dev :slight_smile:


It is possible to buy it now? It’s available? There are exalted orbs available, you can play them, or you can exchange them for finer orbs. Chaos Orbs are recommended, but in order to chop the chaos you have to have some of these orbs. Sam make the decision, but if he wants to buy exalted orbs and chaos orbs, he invites you to Odealo