Game Dev Tycoon 2 wishlist

Game Dev Tycoon is a great game by all measures, and I really enjoy it, but i felt like some things were missing that I would’ve liked. Now time to stop lame context, heres my wishlist.

-Multiple topic games (so i can so space/zombies or something)
-More types of hardware you can develop (vr sets, controllers, phones, computers, etc.)
-sandbox mode (unlimited funds, large array of cheats you can enable)
-multiple dev teams making games simultaneously
-start from rags like in the first, or with a considerable company already you can grow
-Prequels (like sequels, but before)
-Put games in early access for during development to help fund the game, while also removing bugs.
-Remastered games, with added nostalgia sales
-Shelve games after making to release at any time (so you could in theory spend ten years making games then release them all at once
-Create games while developing a console for a launch release(raise sales of game and console)
-create expansion packs before releasing the MMO, so you can release them accordingly without worry
-DLC for normal games. It will act as an expansion pack, and if it was taken off the market it will be put back on temporarily
-Your games will not be taken off market if you complete Codename; Grid or equivalent unless you choose to

And now for the best one,
-Ability to commit warcrimes and shoot employees on sight when they make a bug

So what do y’all think?


Hi, I find your list really interesting.

Mini Militia App Lock

I would love to see a way to actually create old Atari-style box art for the games we release, even if it was just a bunch of emojis or standard icons - it would be cool to see some visual representation of the games developed - and then even re-release them years later in a “Best of” release to get added bumps in revenue.

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