G3 conference ideas

IN real life G3 it’s must organize good or good games or it will be a big fall
There’s some ideas

1.in GDT you can get one game only that not real in real life you can show more than one game the max games you can show is 12 to 15

2.you can choose long the conference and long trailer the lounger conference can show more trailers than shorts conference but the long conference without good trailers will be a big fall and people will go to bathroom

3.you can show video trailer or gameplay with/without video trailers or SGE you can change graphics to be better and increase hype but be cerfol of game was placed in trash you will lose fan and sells and you can release a demo or beta

4.you can get people to talk about the game if was the talking long the people will go to bathroom but if the talking looking good and short will be greatest moments in conference and it will be a bar if was the bar high the people will like him and you can get a famous people like comedian or actor or THE ROCK or in game topic (like racers in raceing)

5.if a company you will release a game in his console (or if it buy your company) you can show game trailer in his conference also you can do if you have a console (or if you buy onther company

i sorry for bad english ß