Found this in the Norwegian translation

I was just translating a bit, minding my own business, when suddenly;

This means “11 out of 10 said Piglet”, aka. this fella;

I am very confused as to how that would make any sense.


piglet 5th game reviewer confirmed


Maybe they had childish sense of humour

get it?

no…? ok…

I presume whoever wrote that had never heard of “nuff said” and just thought it made sense to write the closest Norwegian word :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, that’s probably the case. Like they couldn’t just google it…

wow… feel free to submit a PR to provide a better translation:


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I get this message when I open the nb.po file:

Poedit automatically adjusts the contents in the file ‘nb.po’.
The file contains duplicated elements, which is not permitted in PO-files and will hinder usage of the file. Poedit has solved the problem but you should evaluate the translations of all elements marked as suspicious and adjust them if necessary

Do you know what that means?

I didn’t know about this. I’d guess it’s to do with our file structure. We abuse .po comments to actually provide context to each string and for us the key for any translation is id+comment. When we did this, po editors didn’t seem to mind but maybe they are smarter now.

Anyway, long story. My suggestion: edit the file by hand.

Opening it with Lokalize doesn’t seem to give any errors. Maybe it isn’t as picky.

Also, what is going on here?

msgid "" "Boss, our office could really do with some renovation work and our computer systems are also out of date. Investing a little bit in a more modern office and upgraded computers would be a great.\n" "Do you want to renovate the office?" msgstr "" "Sjef, kontoret vårt kunne virkelig trengt en oppussing og PC-systemene våre " "er gått ut på dato. Å investere i et moderne kontor og oppgraderte " "datamaskiner ville være flott.\n" "Vil du pusse opp kontoret?"

Why are msgid and msgstr empty? Are the strings supposed to be outside of the “variables”? This might just be me not having that much experience with .po files, but most other translations are inside the msgstr and msgid thingys.

msg id ""
"some string"

is, as far as I understand, equivalent to msg id "some string" - in the files I looked at, every multi-line string is preceded by an empty “”. Not sure if it would work without but to stay consistent, I’d just leave it.

it’s just how PO seems to handle multi-line text.

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After taking a look there today, it still appears to be a problem. Funny thing tho :smile:

Text is now changed to: "11 av 10. Ferdig."
In english it means “11 out of 10. Done.” I thought this was more suitable in a Norwegian setting.