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My name is Yigit Tatlipinar. Im the founder of the group called Turkce-Oyun which we created the group to translate games from English/German to Turkish language.

So yes I have experience about translating games… Here are some examples of the games that we translated already:

  • Omerta City of Gangsters
  • Remember Me
  • Resident Evil 6
  • Bioshock Infinite
  • Dragon Age 2 (Still in progress)
  • GTA 4 EFLC (Still in progress)
  • Magicka

And many more. If you request our website name i can provide but for now im not gonna give (You might think it as an advert…)


Im hoping that someone can answer today…


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Thank you :slight_smile:


Hey and welcome to the forums @TurkceOyun :tada:
I responded to your email but will post it here also;

Heya Yigit,

Many thanks for your consideration.
We do currently have a Turkish community translation project for Game Dev Tycoon underway.
You can get involved on our forums here; Turkish Translation
and register on our translate site here;

Please note that we do not offer monetary compensation for translations. All of our translations are completed by community volunteers.

Kindest regards

Hope that information helps! :smile:


Hi Thank you for your message but obviously you did not understand what i meant. Ive already know those sites and that’s the reason why i open this page.

As you can see Turkish language translate percentage is 0 thats bcz there are no moderators to approve the translation. Therefore here i am as a volunteer to be a moderator to approve and finish the translation for Turkish language.

I also see that firs link you copy but stilll despite of people translate there is no one to accept those translations…

Hope i describe better this time.

Thank you

Edit: Im hoping that for you to reply to this wont tkae 2 days…

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@TurkceOyun sorry about the delay and the misunderstanding. Given that the Turkish translation has been without an active moderator for a while we’d welcome your help. Ideally, it would be best to have two active moderators per language so if anyone else from your group would like to participate, please point them in our direction.

I’ve made you a moderator on the translate site.

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My name is Serhat. I am a translator in Turkce-Oyun too and I want to be a moderator.

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Thank you. İm gonna start on monday


@TurkceOyun can you confirm your username on the website?

@Serhat_Cavunt Do you have prior translation experience?


Of course I have. I am in Turkce-Oyun too. I am in the team

Hüseyin Serhat Çavunt

And I was in these translate projects:

  • Spelunky HD
  • Foreign Legion
  • Dragon Age II
  • F1 2013



Heya @Serhat_Cavunt and welcome to the forums! I have upgraded you to moderator. :smile: