Fallout 4 Discussion


If any of you are having big performance problems on the PC version. The damn gameworks godrays that make absolutely no difference in quality give you horrible performance so I’d reccomend turning them off.


You realise 1200-1400 dollars of high end parts is more than enough to play Fallout 4 on ultra settings right?


I was joking :wink: Even a 600$ - 700$ could run it i think.


You realized that I’m having a break from MLG
so yea.
Get rekt son


@awesomejuan36912 Well I am now on 125 hours but yea. I took a vacation from working and sleeping to play Fallout 4 :slight_smile:

@Tyler_Moore The god rays are lovely though!


I thought you had a break from MLG, non-mlg players dont say 'get rekt’
So get rekt :wink:


I know. But now my MLG break is over so…
#get rekt m8 ill nuscupe u in teh gabber


Dammit, we are going off-topic again!


some one call the off topic police


Don’t bring that in, it WAS fun with the off-topic police. Not anymore, now it’s immature.


i might be the only one here but im perfectly content with the ps4 version, it’s more stable framerate wise than i expected (and better than my pc could do) and the game is just so damn good that it’s worth it no matter what system you play it on.


Yeah but not really worth the constant drops to 30 or lower.


Yes, it is.


hey Charlie have you passed the game?
turns around while spoilers
because your son is the villain and you have to kill him or nuke Boston
looks back


I have constant drops to 30 or lower in Borderlands, it’s worth it.

I played Borderlands 27 hours the last two weeks and it’s still fun even with low FPS.


Borderlands is great fun. The loot system is pretty spectacular. :heart:


It is; Sadly, my inventory space cannot hold it. XD





Yeah. The ‘nuke boston’ part is pretty dark, even it’s a video game.


I joined the Institute, they have a shiny bunker :blush: