Fallout 4 Discussion


What do you think of it?



Still won’t play it muhahahaha




Just never did
yeah, no…



Am I supposed to be excited?


What’s Fallout?


No wait
maybe not like me, but yes u can

Ur a goddam Jedi, and you don’t know that…? :confused:


Nothing against Fallout, I just rather have Bethesda give us another Elder Scrolls.


I am actually a wolf, blessed with the ability to handle a computer. But it only lasts for about 5 hours after I ea-woof woof woof woof woof


Unlike all these nobodies. I actually give a shit, and I’ll be watching the E3 Bethesda conference in a few hours.


I finally found someone who can tell what is good and what is not. Thank you.


Holy… Mother… of every/sol god…

Bethesdas conference was AMAZING!!!

Loved it.
Everything was amazing!
Now I don’t give much toss about the other conferences.




I recently got New Vegas and there is a DLC coming out already?
darn, I need to speedrun everything now


Well… that’s New Vegas. And that already had DLC. Years ago. Also, the trailer isn’t for DLC?


that whatever it is for Fallout 4 I meant
I mean that I need to play everything sanic fast to get to A.D.


It’s just a trailer to get people hyper more about the game. You would’ve known had you watched it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have watched it


it’s just a trailer
after releasing the game


I get it nao

looks git gut


Actually, it still has to be released. You do get this isn’t Fallout: New Vegas right? That game is like 5 years old now?