Extended History Mod

This is my 1st mod expanding on the history of the video game market. All consoles added are given a 16-Bit design to them.

Consoles Added:
-Atari 2600 “Atar 26”
-Atari 7800 “Atar 78”
-Atari Lynx “Atar Bobcat”
-Atari Jaguar “Atar Puma”
-Game and Watch “Play and See”
-Virtual Boy “Virtual Dude”
-Sega CD “Vena CD”
-Sega 32X “Vena 23X”
-Sega Saturn “Vena Uranus”
-Intellivision “Wisdovision”
-Colecovision “Colorvision”
-Neo Geo “Neo Tera”
-TurboGrafix-16 “MechaGrafics-16”
-3DO “3DE”
-Phillips CD-i “Richards CD-O”
-Nokia N-Gage “Norkian En-Gage”
-Gizmondo “Gizmodorn”
-Apple Pippin “Grapple Pip”
-Game.com “Game.net

Topics Added:
-Interactive Movie
-Beat em’ Up
-Hack n’ Slash

Engine Research Added
-Artistic Aestethics
-Full-Motion Video
-Digitized Sprites
-Vector Graphics
-Difficulty Settings

Additional Events (Minus Console announcements)
-Virtual Boy Backlash
-Zelda CD-i Games
-Arrest of Stefan Eriksson

Link to Mod: http://www60.zippyshare.com/v/60473353/file.html

I hope you enjoy


That’s a console?

EDIT: it is, i just remembered it being game,com or just gamecom

Yes, it’s a weird name

yeah i just edited it a couple of seconds ago

I saw that. It’s a really dumb name for a system

Well, did you take the pictures out of wikipedia and put it into the mod?

im really lazy

No, I used sprite work off the web to give it sort of a more retro feel to it, though some sprites are 100% original (ex: the N-Gage)

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You have to change some of these names. (Because of copyright)


-Amari 2600
-Amari 7800
-Amari Lynx
-Amari Cheetah
-Game and Clock
-Virtual Girl
-Vena CD
-Vena 32Y
-Vena Neptune
-Neue Geue
-NitroGraphiX 16
-Vilips CD-i
-Nokaya Engage
-Grapple Nippin

The names are messed with in the actual game (i.e. Intellivision - Wisdovision, Atari Jaguar - Atar Puma)

How did you made those 8-bit consoles?

A good amount I found online, though did make a hand full of them I like the Colecovision and Atari 7800

Hey, I do not mean to be a bother but, when I try to download it (Aka, when I click on the link), I only get this http://puu.sh/b0dtZ/3a1107a82e.png How do I download it? Is it broken or something?

Isn’t there already a “Full Motion Video” option in the regular game? Just pointing this out, don’t want to have two of the same. But correct me if I am wrong.

I noticed that sometime after I released it, I’ll remove it with the next update.

Same thing happened to me, so I switched the link