Edit isn't working

I’m trying to edit this thread, but an error appears.
(reserved for screenshot)
I have 110+ edits, but the title seems to work, but the content of the post isn’t.

I can edit this /Charlie :green_heart:

I can’t edit this post too. here’s the image:

I also seem to have trouble editing the main post. It also happens when trying to edit every post. I click ok and wait a little bit, and then the post gets edited. Weird.

Yeah but it doesn’t It hasn’t updated since morning. And that’s 12+ hours and counting

Yes, I couldn’t edit the master post for my thread, at all. But it works with others. #wtf.

I edited your OP and I can edit this which is curious as it is not a global issue.

/edit to test :green_heart:

If it makes any difference, I registered using my google(youtube) account.

I can’t edit the original post at all. The error pops up.

I still can’t edit.

Have you tried logging out and signing in again?

Have you also tried to open the GHG Forum in another browser?

Chrome forevar.

I’ll try to edit.

I’ve edited. Did it work?


Doesn’t work.

Guys, for some reason, when I edit, I don’t get an error anymore, whatever you did there, thanks :smile: :smiley: