Early access to Windows, Mac and Linux versions


UPDATE: Applications are now closed.

We have been hard at work finalizing the native Windows, Mac and Linux versions and setting up the Store so that we can start offering the game directly from our website.

Before we open the Store for everyone we want to do a test of the entire purchase/delivery process and get a few people to play the final build.

If you want to purchase the game early and do a real test of the Store then please send me a private direct message on the forum. The game costs 7.99USD or equivalent in your currency. Simply click on my profile image to the left and then on Private Message.

EDIT: I just realized that new forum users might not be able to send PM’s. If you can’t send a PM send an email to support@greenheartgames.com instead. Thanks.

In your message, please provide the following information:

  1. What computer would you install and play the game on? Please provide the details of the operating system version and your machine details.
  2. What payment method would you use? credit card, paypal or bank transfer? Remember you will actually have to buy the game with your own money.
  3. What country are you buying from?

Tomorrow, I will contact some for early access.



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