Dxtory won't recognize Game Dev Tycoon


Hello there! I’m wanting to record Game Dev Tycoon using Dxtory, a PC screen recorder. This software automatically recognizes games like Battlefield 3. But somehow it does not recognize Game Dev Tycoon. Is this problem familiar with anyone and is there a way to fix it?
If not, what program do you use that works with Game Dev Tycoon?

Thx for replying in advance!


Game Dev Tycoon does not use DirectX, therefore a recorder which attempts to hijack the video processing information is not likely to work directly. Some recorders, like Fraps, have a mode which allows you to record the desktop in Windows Vista and above, since the desktop itself is rendered using DirectX (in Aero mode, at least). Failing that, Livestream and Twitch.tv compatible recorders seem to have been used successfully in the past.

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Wow! Dude! I love you. I have a few games with this problem and your reply fixed them all! I will check out on Fraps and post the result as soon as possible.
Thank you very much again, also for the fast reply!


Also Bandicam works like fraps but with less lag.