Dutch Translation Feedback

In this topic you can post your feedback on the recently released beta of the dutch version of Game Dev Tycoon.

Alle feedback is welkom en ik ben zelf natuurlijk ook aan het testen en ik zal ervoor zorgen dat foutjes zo snel mogelijk hersteld worden.
Oude suggestie die gemaakt zijn op http://translate.greenheartgames.com zullen worden verwijderd, zodat we overzichtelijk nieuwe start hebben.

Ik kijk be de betas maar Dutch/Nederlands staat er helemaal niet bij?
I look at the betas but Dutch isn’t even listed there?

In het spel zelf kan je bij instellingen de taal veranderen.

Herstarten nodig.

Ah ok. Bedankt :slight_smile:

I have already found a few minor “mistakes” with the translations, which are mostly words or sentences that do not really fit well in the context the belong to and also where translation have too many characters compared to their english counterparts. ( they do not fit inside the windows )

If you find any errors please post the full sentence here, along with your suggestion.

Also i would advice that anyone who is going to “test” the translation will start a completly new game ( without any achievements unlocked ) and without mods installed.
Also do not use Google Translate or such ( their were quite a few suggestions that used a machine translator :smile: )

I am also aware that some words are not translated, since they do not need to be translate, because they fit well in the dutch language as they are.

i have noticed that when u get a game revieuw in the dutch translation it says “pleziervol” i think that “plezierrijk” fits better

I disagree. Pleziervol is used a lot more than plezierrijk where I’m from. In the end they mean the same anyway.

I don’t think that both of them are good to use. I mean “Plezierrijk” or “Pleziervol” comeone really? What is the English text? Only thing I can think of is that they meant: Very enjoyable?

Enjoyable, yes. What would you suggest?

Honestly, aangenaam.

“Aangenaam”, but that just doens’t really fit too… Maybe go with something a little bit different like “Leuke ervaring”. Is the same and sounds a lot better in my opinion.

Aangenaam is mostly used for pleasant, not enjoyable.

@Daan I personally still think that pleziervol is better than leuke ervaring.

Truth be told, I have very limited dutch skills and I was just hoping that it would fit. :stuck_out_tongue:

what about “prettig”? just suggesting

Prettig is pretty much the same as aangenaam.

Well it all would work, but everyone has other ideas and opinions.

When you create your first game, in the middle, there is a sentence, explaining where you are. ‘op dit moment bevindt je je in een…’ the word ‘bevindt’ should be ‘bevind’. making it ‘op dit moment bevind je je in een…’