Donations? (want to give money to help you make new games)

Hey, was wondering if there was any way of donating to Greenheart games? Like a Patreon or something?


You can buy the game, u can make 20 steam accounts and buy the game 20 times, or buy it from like fastspring and give away a ton of keys.

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I feel like if you want to donate maybe you should buy a few steam keys and share them out, spread the love, you know? That way you’re giving money to Greenheartgames and allowing people to be able to play their amazing game.

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Exactly, I would love to give away some keys to some friends I have xD

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Thanks for wanting to support us! Currently we don’t have a Patreon but it is something we are considering for the future. At the moment the easiest way to support us is to buy our game and help spread the word about our game.

If you’d like to support us with a donation you can do so by either buying the game via and adding a donation on top of the normal purchase price, or, you can send money via paypal to

Thanks :green_heart: