Does anyone have Unobtainium?


Does anyone have the unobtainium achievement? If so, how did you go about getting it?

I can only imagine that you would have to deliberately release ~8 review games (holding something in reserve to make sure the 100m game can be 9.5+) for 30+ years past the end of the game to get enough fans to even try for a 100 mil self pub.


i got unobtanium. took me till yr 200 though… i just got better and better numbers in development. thats all i can tell you


I just nailed it with a release in Y35 M12 W3, right before the scoring time ends -

The Bastard X
Medieval RPG-Action
KAOS Immersion (custom console)

Units sold: 118.2M
Costs: 49.6M
Income: 2,126.9M
Profit: 2,077.3M
Released: Y35 M12 W3
Avg. Review Score: 10
Fans: 5,945,324
Top sales rank: 1

Turns out the secret is to abuse the broken MMO code. I hit the ground running into the last office, rushed out my first console and MMO engine, then ran two MMOs, releasing them with full bugs to keep the scoring down and keep the time frame intact (needed to push a new engine, two expansions and two boosted employee training sessions per vacation period).

Both MMOs ended up with 10 expansions each, and by the time The Bastard X hit the shelves I had 55.2M fans (and 432,026.4M in the bank from abusing the MMO scaling so badly).

I think I could have got MMOs going a year earlier as I delayed entering the last office by most of one large game (to make my employee vacations line up for the two new employees). If you did that right you could probably get two unobtainium titles out before the game scoring time ends, especially given I had an 18% margin for error to play with here.


Just got it with Alien Blaster 4.



filler Posts have to be twenty characters long /filler


i have over 173,295.8M and 461M fans and from now on every game i make makes over 100M sales

i am on year 163 (i would upload pics but new user)


Yeah… year 136. That’s something to be proud of.


I got it on my first full play-through on like year 40ish I think? This was my first time playing without bankruptcy and I had quite a few lucky breaks, but still didn’t manage to make a console until the postgame. That save data is long gone now, and I don’t remember which game unlocked the achievement for me.


The behavior of the MMO has been rewritten. I tried a MMO but I was not able to publish two expansion packs. The first expansion pack caused a sales push for just two days (good reviews; 9 as I remember). With the second expansion pack hardly any push.

With a high lost of money I managed to get over 100 million pieces sold. But it didn’t count. I guess because of MMO and expansion packs don’t count together.
How the hell I can reach 100 million sold games now to get Unobtainium?


i got Unobtainium i used some mods and decode some stuf if im have no permision to decode just say it than i gonna to change :slight_smile: the review is 10 for the game watch dogs not sleeping dogs i have,2M in Y47 M7 W2 its stil on the market if its of the market i gonna to chance my reply posted in 29-3 2016 the netherland time


+i can speak english a little bit im 9 and dutch


9 en nu al op een forum met bijna alleen volwassenen? je hebt wel lef kleine, en een goede keuze voor games :slight_smile: …Ik maak zelf spelletjes, als je het leuk vind kan ik je af en toe wel eens een sturen?


oke is goed


yes, it was on my schisse games, which i dont even play anymore.

i put mods in there after putting mods in the other day.

yeah, i dont think im making sense.


To get higher chance to obtain good scores (~ 9) don’t make AAA Games. It is possible to get 100M units sold with Large Games, and it’s my case. I got a score 9.25 at ~ Y100 … 110M units sold. The best way to win the achievement is an MMO. You have to keep it on the market, event if the game don’t generate income.


I’ve just hit the Unobtanium achievement with no mods and no abusing of MMO’s.

By the point of year 100 all my games were hitting mainly 5’s and 6’s but it seems that’s not really relevant for the achievement. The game I got it with was given 2 5’s and 2 6’s.

I did run the Marketing Campaign in the R& D lab at the start of game production then towards the very end of production, just before they work on the bugs I started researching my Own Convention to give the game a lift as it releases.

All my staff have one of design or tech over 1000 and the other is over 900. I always start the development of my game after the staff come back from vacation and when their boost is maxed out at level 3. If you send them on vacation when their boost is nearly at 3 they won’t need a vacation until mid bug fixing which means it can wait until the games finished.