Developing a New Mod


Name is Becks and slowly, I am working on a mod that gives you all the big console’s real names. Here is what I aim on adding:

Commodore 64- Replacing G64
Atari 2600- Replaces Matari 2600
NES- replacing TES
Super NES- Replacing Super TES
Genesis- Replacing Oasis
Game Gear- Replacing whatever the Game Gear Knockoff is.
Game Boy- Replacing Gameling
Game Boy Advance- Replacing Gameling Advance
Xbox 360- New
Xbox One- New
PS3- New
PS2- New
PS1- Replaces the PS1 knockoff

That will be part one. Part 2 coming soon

The mod will be released in DLC packs. This is the main pack.


Isn’t that copyright? I mean there is a purpose behind the developers not naming the consoles by their real name…


DLC packs?