Dev's Please Answer - Lack Of Content

So I do like the game concepts very much mostly as I really enjoy the old Sim Management type games.
While I know this is a “Budget” title, and your first game one thing I have noticed is that after a while, the content gets stale.

In general for the
;tldr Is content going to be patched into the game or are we only going to see content in a DLC

I am all for people getting paid for work, so I am not opposed to either answer. I just would like to know as since I have achieved a satisfiable result to a game session vs the time of playing again there is really no reason for me to play any more. Did I get my value out of the game. YES… would I like more… YES…
Some examples.

The feedback starts to feel boring. I really want to bypass the game score section as its more of the same (I’m not asking for a bypass asking to make it. While there is, differences in how to alocate points from one genre to another its really just some sliders and in the scheme of things the feedback loop gets a bit old. There is loots of room to add in things like events, personal problems (a stat or two that simulates something about the employe to mitigate like personal conflicts on the team, or gets sick or even has, impact on the recovery or use of stamana). Team lead style project positions where the end result of the project impacts the team lead. Something to cause each game development to feel different, even if its pretty much the same.

It would be even possible that, user generated content through the use of mod tools might help out these issues.

If people could stop pirate an 8$ game (people do that for 8 buck ???) then perhaps he will do it lol.

Well, Good luck to him then.

I don’t see that stoping any time soon. While I do not support it nor do I engage in it. I certainly do not expect it to stop.
I actually feel copy protection is useless why bother… there has yet to be any uncracked. Just the nature of the beast.
The hope for an indy is to get a nice fan base of folks who will follow and support the project and grow that with awesome stuff.

Look into how say Johnathan Coultan does music without a major label or external marketing. He does quite well for himself, while not a multi millionare by far. He took in by his own admission 600k last year. The model for indy game dev is the same.

Which is why this game has none. Just a friendly EULA which asks politely that you only install the game on up to 3 computers for your own use.

As for your earlier comments, a quick press of the search button in the top right of the page finds any number of threads calling for content updates, including several in which @PatrickKlug has stated that a balance / content patch is coming, once the most glaring bugs have been squashed and the majority are able to play the original game.

The best place to present suggestions for updates would be either

ITT: Complaining about an $8 game only having the amount of content you’d expect from a game that cheap.

More than happy to pay.
I just want to know the plans. I am so not complaining.

Actually Football Manager 2013 is still, as far as i know, un cracked ( a fully working one, i’m not counting the one that kept making the game crash).

I’ll admit that i download alot of films and games all the time, but if i really like a game, i will always buy it as i know if i didnt buy the game and supported the companys that make the games i like, then eventually there would be a possibility that they will not be around to make any more games for me to enjoy playing. (this is even more the case when its a small company like Greenheart)

Likewise, if i want to see a film so much, ill pay and go to see it in the cinema

Football Manager 2013 already fully cracked 2 weeks ago ,

to tell the truth , paypal and all other 1st world stuff payment didnt work on my country,
steam is the only way i can pay for my games , currently using cracked version , waiting for august

If this is just going to turn into another discussion of whether piracy is justified, I’ll close this thread and redirect people to


I had no desire for that to happen. I’d like to hear about what comes next.
I think the Steam Release is going to be huge. Convience is key.

Anyway… What are the plans for the game… Or is it going to be a move on to the next concept?

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There is a blog post that answers your question quite well:

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