CSGO Lucky Packs


How many (if any) knives have you gotten on CSGO?

In total, I’ve gotten 4 in like 2 days. Lucky me :wink:

Here’s a link to a few:


If you want to be extra jealous, look at how many cases I’ve opened :slight_smile: , note that this is a simulator.


I dont have CSG0 :cry:


This beauty right here, it has a slick metal alumunium-silver alloy blade accompanied with the nice, ceramic handle. Just take a good hard look at that piano black colour, those 0.4" diameter holes and the 1.5" difference between them. The handle is also binary in terms of right-handeds and left-handeds, and the grip is just nice and strong. Also look at the nice, grey matter that connects the handle and the blade, keeping that sharp edge straight. Notice the 3-degrees sharp blade and how it just handles thickness beautifully. I would love to get one of these someday.

And I didn’t edit this. Nope. Not me.


Holy shit if those are 1" diameter holes then thats no knife, it’s a machete


i am very good at looking at sizes in the imperial system


Well, I had 3 cases, I sold them for a total of 3 cents profit.

I have 2 games about case opening on my phone, and I had some Factory New kinves.
(and battle scarred too)


@WaveJones Dayummmm

Fade right?



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